What I can offer you

On this page you will find a summary of the services that I offer. This is not a definitive list though so you are more than welcome to get in touch to discuss tailored packages if you can't quite find what you are looking for.

My in-person support includes distances travelled of up to 20 miles/1 hour. Anything further than this can be discussed.


Birth plan preparation £50

A 1.5hour brainstorming session to help you prepare your birth preferences. I will help you make informed choices by signposting you to and showing you how to find evidence based information and data. I will provide visualisation to help you explore the options that are open to you.

Pregnancy WhatsApp/text support £75

Unlimited message support throughout your pregnancy. This could be to signpost you to information, listen to whatever might be on your mind or to offer gentle encouragement and support. I will be your personal cheerleader in your phone.

I may, of course, be with another client, attending a birth or busy with my own family so I do not offer an immediate response but will endeavour to get back within a reasonable time.

Postnatal period planning £50

We spend so much time thinking about and planning birth and how we're going to look after our newborns that we don't put much thought into how we're going to be looked after ourselves and the support that we can build around us. This 1.5hour session can be spent looking at options and strategies to make sure you get the chance to heal properly and bond with your baby/babies after birth.


My birth package includes:

  • 2 antenatal sessions - here I will get to know you and your preferences. I will assist with your birth plan preparation if required. We can talk about anything that you need to, practice techniques used during labour and ways you can be more comfortable. These sessions are led by you and can be about anything you require.

  • Ongoing support via message or phone during pregnancy.

  • Going on call for around 4 weeks, in which time you are able to contact me 24/7.

  • Attending the birth - wherever you choose to birth, I will be there to support you and your birth team. I will stay for a time after the birth to ensure that you are settled and have what you need and that you are supported with feeding.

  • A postnatal visit to offer you any support that you need and to generally look after you.

  • Free use of my birth pool and any of my resources and tools.

This package is £950.

This can be tailored to your needs, so if you require more antenatal sessions or for me to attend appointments with you then this can be discussed.


In-person support

I can support you in any way that you require, from a listening ear and gentle encouragement to light housework, cooking and meal prep to give you the time you need to focus on and bond with your baby.

I am a pro at entertaining any older siblings to help give you the headspace and energy to deal with those fussy evenings.

I can help with the baby/babies so that you have free hands to shower, nap or spend time with an older child.

I am personally experienced in baby (and toddler!) wearing and tandem feeding, as well as being a trained breastfeeding peer supporter. The list of support that I can provide as a postnatal doula is too big to write down and any requirements can be talked through in much more detail.

My ad-hoc booking hourly rate is £25ph and I require bookings to be a minimum of 2 hours at a time.

I offer the following packages, to be used in a minimum of 2 hour blocks:

  • 10 hours at £240

  • 20 hours at £470

Postnatal WhatsApp/text support £75

Unlimited message support in the first 3 months postpartum. This will be similar to the pregnancy text package above and will offer you support and encouragement in those early months. This could be signposting you to information or further support, talking about normal infant behaviour, info about feeding and a listening ear (reading eye/typing thumbs but the meaning is the same!) as you traverse new parenthood.

As with the pregnancy package, I may, of course, be with another client, attending a birth or busy with my own family so I do not offer an immediate response but will endeavour to get back within a reasonable time.

I do not believe that price should be a barrier to excellent care so if you find yourself in circumstances where you require doula support but don't have the funds then please get in touch and I can discuss this further with you.